Bashkirskogo universiteta

ISSN 1998-4812

Archive | Volume 19, 2014, No. 3.


Vestnik Bashkirskogo Universiteta. 2014. Vol. 19. No. 3. Pp. 967-971.
Khanova E. M.
Institute of Language, Literature and Art Named After G. Ibragimov of the Academy of Sciences of RT
2/31 Lobachevsky St., 420111 Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Russia.


The article is devoted to the poet's individual style of writing Raşit Akhmetzyanov. The intertextual relations, the symbolic images, style dominants, syntactic figures, metrics, stanza poem, rhyme, which the poet uses in his creative process are studied in the article. It is also revealed that the author uses a form of direct, definite sum, psychological images, in some cases he uses generalization using metaphors, images and details, using stable expressions of words. The author uses the contrasts techniques, metaphors, contrasts, comparisons, psychological parallelism; he represents indirect psychological description of the parts of the landscape. The author reveals the causes and trends that contribute to the formation of creative style of the poet Raşit Akhmetzyanov, the influence of Tatar, Russian and foreign literature is marked. The material of this work can be used in the development of general and special lectures, with practical training on Tatar literature of XXth century.


  • • creative style
  • • symbolic images
  • • intertextual relations
  • • dominant style
  • • syntax figures
  • • techniques
  • • psychological parallelism
  • • sustainable words


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