Bashkirskogo universiteta

ISSN 1998-4812

Archive | Volume 20, 2015, No. 3.


Vestnik Bashkirskogo Universiteta. 2015. Vol. 20. No. 3. Pp. 861-864.
Lyapalo A. S.
149 Stavropolskaya St., 350000 Krasnodar, Russia


From the moment of opening by the doctor Grimm in 1901, the species Azov aloza caspia tanaica, Clupeidae family, Alosa kind, was not properly studied. Even now it still little known about biology of its breeding. In the basin of Kuban river it spawned only in estuaries and after formation of artificial regulation of river drain, construction of the Krasnodar water reservoir, Krasnodar and Phedorovsky hydrounits, aloza caspia tanaica began to come into the river for spawning in large numbers that earlier were not marked. Probably it is connected with hydrological conditions and dullness of waters that has changed in last years. The results of biological processing of sample of Azov aloza caspia tanaica in amount of 50 units, taken in the beginning of a spawning course from the river of a channel near Tikhovsky farm, are presented in the article. The purpose of the given research is studying biology of the Kuban population of aloza caspia tanaica. During the work, the sexual and age structure of individuals was studied, parameters of fruitfulness, fatness and value of linear and mass growth were defined; the degree of adiposity of interiors was studied as well. As a result of carried out research, conclusions are drawn that biology of aloza caspia tanaica in a river basin Kuban now has strongly changed aside increase in its number, the further detailed studying the Kuban population of aloza caspia tanaica therefore is necessary.


  • • population
  • • spawning
  • • age structure
  • • sexual structure
  • • fruitfulness
  • • fatness


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