Bashkirskogo universiteta

ISSN 1998-4812

Archive | Volume 20, 2015, No. 3.


Vestnik Bashkirskogo Universiteta. 2015. Vol. 20. No. 3. Pp. 941-945.
Ishmuratova V. G.
Scientific-Production Company “Biomag”
P.O. Box 98, 450096 Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.


The research is devoted to the formation and identification of the general and particular in national social protection systems of the advanced countries, which is undoubtedly topical for modern Russia with its transitional economy. The basic methods of the research are the historical and logical analysis and expert estimations. The system of social security that is used by the developed countries to regulate labor relations has developed during the formation of their market economies. In various history periods there were different kinds of regulations. Various factors led to the development of the national systems of social security: urbanization, industrialization, economy monopolizations, development of labor proletariat, class struggles and development of labor unions. The current national systems of social security in the developed countries present the results of decades of the massive labor struggles. The foreign experiences in the realization of the social function of government (portrayed by Germany, Japan, USA and Sweden) attest to the necessity of the development of lawful social norms that will work in the complex social care systems.


  • • national system of social security
  • • developed countries
  • • market economy


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