Bashkirskogo universiteta

ISSN 1998-4812

Archive | Volume 20, 2015, No. 3.


Vestnik Bashkirskogo Universiteta. 2015. Vol. 20. No. 3. Pp. 813-816.
Khabibullin I. L.
Bashkir State University
32 Zaki Validi St., 450076 Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.
Sadykova L. A.
Bashkir State University
32 Zaki Validi St., 450076 Ufa, Republic of Bashkortostan, Russia.


We obtain the solution of the heat equation describing the temperature distribution in the moving medium heated by electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. Heating is produced by the energy dissipation of a plane electromagnetic wave. The density of heat sources distributed over the volume of the heated medium depends on the coordinate on the direction of propagation of the wave; it is defined by exponential law of Bouguer-Lambert. Solution of the heat equation is constructed by the Green's function for the boundary conditions of the third kind. From the received decisions in special cases following well-known in the literature solutions for the boundary conditions of the 1st and 2nd kind. The received decisions allow us to perform the analysis of the dynamics of heat moving media, depending on the determining parameters such as the frequency and intensity of electromagnetic radiation, the velocity and thermal characteristics of the heated medium, the intensity of the heat exchange with the environment.


  • • electromagnetic radiation
  • • heating
  • • moving medium
  • • heat equation
  • • the temperature distribution


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