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ISSN 1998-4812

Morozkin Nikolai Danilovich

Nikolai Danilovich Morozkin — Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, rector of the Bashkir State University, “Honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation”, “Honored worker of science of the Republic of Bashkortostan”. He was born on November 27 1953 in Mordovia. After the graduation from the Mordovia State University, he was a postgraduate student of the department of applied mathematics of control processes of the Leningrad State University. N. D. Morozkin is a member of the Council for doctoral theses in the field of (01.02.05) mechanics of liquid, gas and plasma.
N.D. Morozkin proposed a method for solving problems of optimal heating control with different phase constraints; developed a method for solving optimization problems with convex constraints on the phase variables and management; contributed to development of numerical methods for calculating pressure in oil reservoirs and for calculating heat field in the tubing; conducted studies on mathematical modeling and calculations of elastic stresses in medical-biological systems, particularly in temporomandibular joint. Author of more than 100 scientific works, owner of 2 invention patents. He has supervised 8 PhD theses.
Main works:
• Optimal control of the heating process with phase constraints. Textbook, Ufa: publishing house of the Bashkir State University, 1997, 114 p.
• Application of the finite element method to calculation of the reservoir pressure in the oil field // Oil Industry, Moscow, N11, 1998, pp. 28-30 (with Bikbulatova G.S.)
• The iterative method for solving the problem of optimal nonlinear heating with phase constraints // Computational Mathematics and Mathematical Physics. Moscow: publishing house of the Russian Academy of Sciences, vol. 40, N11, 2000, pp. 1615-1632 (with Golichev I.I., Dultsev A.V.)
• The calculation of the stress field of temporomandibular joint // Mathematical modeling. Publishing house of the Russian Academy of Sciences. №6. Vol. 20. 2008. pp 119-128. (with Kolonskikh D.M.)
• Assessment of the maximum amount of loan, depending on the schedule of payment and the grace period // Finance and business. Saint Petersburg. №4. 2010. Pp. 91-99. (with Khairullin B.Kh, Morozkin Yu.N.)
• On the influence of the feed rate of the heated water on the process of decomposition of methane hydrate // Bulletin of Chuvash University. №3. 2013. Pp. 7-12 (with Gilev A.Yu., Chudinov V.A.)